Patience Sans – is a typeface and campaign developed for British Stammering Association.

According to statistics, stuttering or stammering effects 1 in 100 people. The biggest problem however, isn’t the disorder itself, but how other people treat those with it. Often people interrupt, finish the sentences of, or speak for those with stammer. 

Patience Sans is a typeface that makes you read slower, thus building patience and learning how to cope with stammer others may have.

Designer/Art Director: Dmytro Khrunevych.

Print campaign would take mundane, everyday phrases and distort them using Patience Sans.

These are sayings people without stammer take for granted. Tactical placement in the areas each phrase may be heard brings contextual awareness to the issue, pushing out the message of patience. 

The website allows users to make their own messages, turning their speech into speech of someone with a stammer. From the site, users can then share their message to social media in the style of a Patience Sans prints.