Happy Happy Death

Together with my good friend and a dope designer Dmytro Khrunevych we redesigned ugly and inefficient warnings on cigarette packs. Now that's something even Don Draper would've noticed. Maybe. 


Balls To Kanye

A friend of mine once said "I want to hit Kanye's face with balls". Gross. 

However, I decided to give him this opportunity and raise money for Cancer UK at the same time. 

That's how a diamond ping pong bat was born and a raffle to give it away. The raffle failed but some money was raised.

Check how much exactly – We failed. But we did raise some cash. Check it out here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ballstokanye

Cover art direction

One time I found myself running an online label (and losing money at the same time).

Due to the indy nature of the label and lack of money I had to commision my friends to do art work and art direct the whole thing... And even design them myself sometimes.